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About Sureshot

Sureshot's cloud-based martech solutions solve the three biggest challenges impacting marketing operations. Featuring seamless integration with the key platforms of B2B martech stacks, Sureshot empowers customers to: enrich, manage and better leverage their data; scale highly personalized and data-driven, cross-channel campaigns; and integrate their stack in ways that dramatically reduce manual steps, enhance efficiencies and improve customer experience. www.sureshot.io

About Inverta

Inverta is a B2B marketing firm that guides business leaders through the changing landscape of modern marketing. Our consultants are experienced marketing leaders and technologists who deliver executive level advisory, senior, strategy-first consulting in demand creation and account-based marketing, and comprehensive execution plans that leverage the latest in marketing technology. Combine that with a curated team of specialists who can roll-up their sleeves and get things done, and together, we make good strategy happen. www.inverta.com